Pursue Your Passion

Due: Public Speaking Manuscripts, Ag Issues, Marketing Plan, Ag. Comm. Portfolios
May 16, 2022
5:00pm to 5:00pm

In order to qualify for competition at the State FFA Convention in June, the above mentioned CDE's requires a master copy of the written documentation either by:

1. If there are materials in the documentation that cannot be copied, then mail 5 copies and have it postmarked by May 15th to: Terrie Shank, Maryland FFA Executive   Director at Mid Atlantic Farm Credit at 925 N. East Street in Frederick, MD

2. Or scan and email the master copy to tshank@maefonline.com 

3.Or upload onto the Maryland FFA wufoo account at: www.mdffa.org website homepage. 

4. Or hand deliver by May 15th at 5 pm. to Terrie Shank,Maryland FFA Executive Director's office at  MAFC in Frederick, MD

It is vital that they are received by May 15th at 5 pm so that judges have time to score them as best they can prior to the competition.