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State Convention CDE/LDE Descriptions

State FFA Conv. June 25-27, 2018                       MD FFA CDE & LDE Descriptions/Times 20178       (Official FFA Dress, unless noted)                 
CDE Time Description Mem/Team Notes
Monday, June 25, 2018 (Choose one)      
Creed Speaking LDE 1:00-3:00 First year 7-9th grade members, recite the FFA Creed, answer critical questions Ind. Top 4/Region 
FFA Knowledge 1:00-3:00 Students will take a writen exam on the FFA organization, policies, history,  4/Team  
    parliamentary procedure, and current topics, then solve a team activity    
Extemp. Public Speaking 1:00-3:00 Students select 1, from three agriculturally related topics, write a 4-6 minute Ind- Jr/Sr Top 4 Region 
LDE   speech, given 30 min. to prepare, answer questions, top 4 advance to final round    
Employment Skills 1:00-3:00 Students submit an application, cover letter and resume online prior to event, Ind. 1/Chapter
LDE   then conduct an interview and write a follow up letter during the event.     
Prep. Public Speaking 1:00-3:00 Students present a 6-8 minute speech on aagricultural  topic of their choice Ind- Jr/Sr Top 4 Region 
LDE   and answer questions related to their topic, top 4 advance to the final round    
Talent 3:30-5:00 Individuals or groups may perform on stage, based on orginality, stage  Ind. or  
     Finals at Dance   presence, power of expression, general effect, and appropriateness. Group  
Monday, June 25, 2018 (Choose one)      
Agricultural Issues LDE 3:30-5:30 A team of 3-7 students present their views on a current agricultural issue.  3-7/ Team Team Score
    A portfolio must be submitted prior to the event.   OD Optional
Marketing Plan 3:30-5:30 A team of 3 present their marketing plan for an existing or start up agribusiness, 3/ Team Team Score
    answer questions from judges. A portfolio must be submitted prior to event    
Parlia. Procedure LDE 3:30-5:30 Conduct  10 minute meeting using designated motions, answer questions, and 6/ Team Team Score
    take a written exam.    Top 4 T/Reg.
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 (Choose one)      
Ag. Communications 9:00-12:00 A team of 4 present their plan, submit a portfolio prior to the event. 4/Team  
    Each member will complete a practicum and written exam.      
Ag. Knowledge Bowl 9:00-11:30 This is a quiz bowl to test competing teams knowledge of agriculture.  4/Team  
Agricultural Sales 9:00-3:00 Students will conduct a team presentation, individual sales call,  4/Team 4 Scores
    and written exam on agricultural sales.     
Floriculture 9:00-3:00 Students will complete a written test, plant and equipment ID, practicums, 4/Team  
    floral arrangements, and a team activity within the floral industry.    
Conduct of Chapter Mtg 1:00-3:30 7-9th Grade members demonstrate a meeting, written exam and oral questions 7/Team Team Score
Hort. Knowledge Bowl 1:00-3:30 This is a quiz bowl to test competing teams knowledge of horticulture.  4/Team  
Veterinary Science 9:00-3:00 Students compete in  a written test, practicums in ID of equipment, clinical 4/Team Official Dress
    procedures, handling and restraint within the veterinary industry.   for States